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Equipment List

An extensive equipment list and collaboration with high experienced industry professionals.

Billy Rokos has cinematography experience with various formats such as 35mm film, 16mm film and digital cinema. This also includes specialty experience with VFX shoots, green screens, car and motion rigs, stunt scenes, anamorphic lenses and much more.

Please enquire below as we are not limited to the listed equipment below and can supply more under request.


(Full studio kit)

(7X) 800W Red heads

(7X) RGB LED panels

(2X) RGB LED light wands

Reflectors and diffusers

Blacks and cutters

Collaboration with industry gaffers:

Full lighting truck

Generator van

Lights ranging from ARRIMAX 18K to Dedo 150W

ZOOM H1n sound recorder

Rode Wireless Go II radio lapel kit

Sennheiser shotgun microphone

Rode boom pole

Deadcat and blimp

XLR cables

Internal camera sound recording available

(3X) handheld microphones with flag mounts

ADR voiceover recording booth

SIGMA Cine Zoom PL kit

18-35mm T2. 50-100mm T2


Collection of specialty lens filters

Carbon fibre slider

(2X) camera tripods

Camera shoulder rig

(4X) C-Stands

(14X) light stands

Collaboration with industry grips:

Full grip truck

Cinema dolly and tracks

Jibs and cine cranes

Mercedes AMG with Scorpio Stabiliser Arm

Neon Black Pictures post-production suite

8K RAW workflow capable editing PC

(3X) video calibrated monitors

Studio audio monitors

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